Blog Tour

Follow along my upcoming blog tour for a chance to win fun and unique swag, some of my favorite erotic romance books, and gift cards to Amazon and B&N. The schedule is below and will be updated with link and post information as it is available.

Jun 19: Coffee and Porn in the Morning – Tuesday Tangent: Websites My Characters Frequent
Jun 20: Day Dreaming – Amber Lin Talks Oral Sex
Jun 21: Romance Recipes – Stress Relief Double Chocolate Brownies
Jun 21: Cari Quinn – Eight Reasons to Love the Strong, Silent Type
Jun 23: Fiction Vixen – Weekend Spotlight: Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway
Jun 25:  The Forbidden Bookshelf – Sex Therapy with Allie from Giving It Up
Jun 26:  Ramblings From This Chick – Interview
Jun 27:  Books Are Magic – Interview
Jun 28: Cara Bristol – Dominance Outside the Bedroom: Sexy or not?
Jun 28:  Erotica For All – Things I Didn’t Do
Jun 29:  Long and Short Reviews:  Erotic – What I Learned From Allie
Jun 29: Karla Doyle – Interview
Jul 2:  AsianCocoa’s Secret Garden – Where Is The Line Between Kinky Sex And Vanilla?
Jul 2: Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind – How much of my characters are me?
Jul 3:  Books Read ‘N’ Makeup Done – Worth a Thousand Words
Jul 3: Ravishing Romances – Interview
Jul 4:  Change the Word – How to Write Controversial Topics Without Getting Burned
Jul 5:  Seductive Musings – My Favorite Scene from Giving It Up
Jul 5: A Book and a Short Latte – On Mommy Porn and Motherhood
Jul 6:  My Secret Romance Book Reviews – The Dark Side of Romance
Jul 9:  Christine Young Romance Writer – Interview
Jul 10:  Novel Reflections – Interview
Jul 10: Dirty Birdies – Setting as Character
Jul 11:  Bodice Ripper Novels – Interview
Jul 11: For The Love of Reading – Interview
Jul 12:  Rachel Leigh – Interview
Jul 13:  Cocktails and Books – What do physical traits say about our characters?
Jul 16:  Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess – What makes erotica romantic?
Jul 17:  Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews – 10 Books to Make Your Summer Sizzle
Jul 18:  Delighted Reader Book Reviews – Interview
Jul 20:  Writers and Authors – The BDSM of Writing
Jul 23:  Bookin’ It – Five Reasons to Love Colin from Giving It Up
Jul 24:  Book Travels – Five Reasons to Admire Allie from Giving It Up
Jul 26:  Coffee Beans & Love Scenes – Five Reasons to Fall in Love With Giving It Up
Jul 30:  W.Lynn Chantale – Interview
Jul 31:  Reading Between the Wines – Is Giving It Up a Fairytale?
Aug 5: Heartthrob Haven – Girls Take Over with Allie
Aug 7:  Reading on the Wild Side – Let’s Hear It For The Girls
Aug 8:  Hesperia Loves Books – Tough Love
Aug 13:  Mike Woody – Interview
Aug 14:  Picked by Poison – Badass Heroines in Erotic Romance
Aug 20:  Jacob’s Beloved Books – Let’s Talk Indulgence
Aug 23:  You Gotta Read – Interview
Aug 27:  Jezebel Jorge – Writing Tortured Heroes… and Tortured Heroines
Aug 29:  Books-n-Kisses – Interview
Aug 30:  The Jeep Diva – Five Reasons to Love Urban Settings in Contemporary Romance
Aug 31:  Kacey Hammell – Interview
Sep 7:  Lacey Wolfe  – Interview
Sep 14:  Sizzling Hot Books – Interview
Oct 9: Night Owl Reviews
Oct 9: Peanut Butter on the Keyboard
Oct 20: Romance Cooks

If you are a blogger and would like to host or interview me, please check out the media page. Thanks!