Books I Love From 2012

So, I am 100% sure that I’m leaving out truly great books that I’ve read. Despite this, here is a list of 10 books that I loved that came out in 2012, keeping in mind that my standards for such things are has lots of sex and amuses me or freaks me out and came to mind just now.

This book is hard to describe from a genre perspective. It’s kind of erotic romance with suspense and humor and multiple partners and other things I don’t even know. But I can say with confidence that it is smart and funny and sexy. I enjoyed reading it A LOT. I also enjoy Carolyn Crane’s books (who writes as Annika Martin) but I must say that the Hostage Bargain gets my vote for having more blowjobs.
I was torn on whether I wanted to include this one or Burn for You by Annabel Joseph (who writes as Molly Joseph here), but in the end I picked The Edge of the Earth because it was more unique in the large romance scheme of things, and punched me in the gut a bit harder. The thing about all her works is that she’s completely unflinching. Plus, the hero’s a linguist. A sexy linguist.
This one is short, a novella, so I’m surprised it made the list but hey, I’m weird like that. It’s told from the POV of the cat, mostly, which I found adorable and well-executed. I just had a good time. I also loved that she combined very real and serious issues of humans and relationships and death with things like catnip usage.
If it is not already apparent, voice is a huge deal to me. If the voice is amusing and smart and ironic, then I really am barely paying attention to the plot and I don’t care. This is one of the best voices I’ve read and, in particular, an example of an unreliable narrator. Which I love. (see above: the cat narrator)
I’ve been a Charlotte Stein fan since I read Control (see my very long review here), but when she mentioned something about “punk hero, abused heroine” I knew this was the book for me. I then proceeded to twitter-punch Charlotte until the book came out on Amazon and then read it and loved because HELLO punk hero, abused heroine!!!
So, I consider myself something of a Lisa Marie Rice mega-fan. I don’t care that she repeats the things. I LOVE THE THINGS. I wish she would repeat them more often. However, my love for her struggled in 2012. She had some short stories/novellas that were missteps and then her most recent series incorporates paranormal into romantic suspense, which I DO NOT LIKE. But, she did give me Nightfire and for that I am happy. It’s classic LMR with a fresh feel. Enjoyed it very much. Please, sir, may I have another?
This one was a mindfuck, and pair that with a happy ending, and I am a happy girl. But also, Lisa Henry’s writing is stellar. Just really fucking stellar. She has this way of narrowing down the theme and then shooting it like an arrow–bullseye. The plotting was pristine. I would have been taking notes but I was too busy loving it.
This book was EVEN better than Ride With Me, which I honestly wasn’t expecting, because Ride With Me was so good. Very sexy but also fun and deep and all the things I am looking for in a straight-up romance. Although I must say that a certain book I beta-read for Ruthie was actually one of my favorite reads, possibly THE favorite read of 2012 but it won’t come out until next year. You guys will lose your shit over this book. Just wait.
So there you have it, an eclectix mic of depressing mindfuckery to playful romance. Did you read any of these? Have any that I missed?


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  1. Thanks for the recs. Because you loved Control, I am adding every one of these listed to my TBR pile, and they’re moving to the head of the line. I love Charlotte Stein and Control is my fave book ever. I’m forever searching for one that holds a candle to it.

  2. @Mamma You’re welcome. I know, Control was AMAZING. I think you might like some of these, like Hostage Bargain and if you like M/M, Muscling Through. Not that they would compete with Control, but they have that sort of stream-of-consciousness, humorous voice which I love.

    @Michael Thanks! There are some pretty covers here… lots of muscles and sexiness 🙂

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