Small Town Big Family Ratatouille

There’s a new cookbook featuring recipes from authors called Passionate Cooks, and I’m in it! My recipe for Small Town Big Family Ratatouille is listed under Sides, although I use it as a main dish. It’s vegetarian and does a great job at filling up meat-eaters! There’s quite a few vegetarian dishes in this book, if you swing that way.

That recipe and its tongue-in-cheek name go part and parcel with a lighter contemporary erotic series I’m working on which is set in… you guessed it: a small town. It won’t be out for a while (I haven’t even figured out which publisher I want to submit it to yet) but you can enjoy the food now. And best of all, the cookbook is FREE.

So get to eating, everyone! The cookbook is available in multiple ebook formats here.


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